Digital Drawing

I ♥ to draw.

Admittedly I am not that great at coming up with the basics, but give me an image and I can replicate it.  I love colour and within all my books you will see some doodling of some type.  I can’t help it.

So drawing on paper is the easy part.  But what does this mean particularly for me in the digital age with everything moving online (to iPads, tablets etc.)???  It means I need to learn how to operate in the real world.

Gone are the days of chalkboards (and lovely colourful chalk that for some reason always ended up on my back when I inadvertently leant on the blackboard).  Now we see virtual blackboards – and cleaner clothes for me 😀

…Moving along

So I decide to give this online drawing thing a go.  I start by creating a hand drawn image.  Then I upload it and it looks like this:


My muse is ABSOLUTELY adorable (if I do say so myself).  Little Charlie the Conure.

Now comes the decision, raster or vector???

It seems others are faced with this question also.  A really interesting blog outlines the pros and cons for each: Vector vs raster images.  The biggest differences are in picture quality associated with zooming.  What I do like about this blog is that it makes you think about the end result, ultimately using the right process for the outcome.

I play around with the idea of creating a vector drawing.  Even thinking I could turn my little girl into some kind of cartoon hero.  Oh the ideas.

After some pondering, I decide to go with raster (or bitmap).  To me it feels more natural and brings me back to my painting days.

The challenge is that I have a laptop with a trackpad only.  This could be interesting.  I have never in my life tried to draw using a trackpad.  The benefit of using bitmap is the natural feel and therefore trackpad drawing should be okay.

To Gimp or to Photoshop?

I have heard a lot of great stories about Gimp, so I thought I would try it for something different.  I download the program, upload my image and get started.  Or so I thought…

After about 1 hour of no accomplishment (and much anger and frustration coming out of my mouth), I decide that Gimp is not for me.  Each to their own.  Gimp appears to be much more technical whereas Photoshop is more intuitive, at least to me.

So I open Photoshop and feel much more comfortable.  Let the games begin!

I use the 2B pencil feature and trace over my original hand sketch.  Then I add some background colour and really start to bring my drawing to life.


Wow – I never realised how much fun digital drawing could be.  Working with layers was FANTASTIC!  I had never known this existed and it made life so easy.  You start with the first, then build under.  Once happy with the colours etc then move to the next one, in the end removing the line art – then voila!  Picture accomplished.

I play for hours with the colours and finally produce the image below:


So my finished product – full of colour just like my little girl if I do say so myself.



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