My first video project

I have been tasked with creating a video project incorporating all things technology.  Clapperboard

What this meant was creating a video approximately 60 seconds long on the subject of my choice.  From storyboarding, filming, editing and publishing.  I decided that I was up for the challenge.

What I didn’t realise was that coming up with a storyboard and conceptualising the project was no mean feat!  I set off and created my storyboard.  And what grand plans I had.

I wanted to show off my skills creatively using digital drawing, photography, music creation but had so many ideas that the feedback that I received was that it felt confused.  Hmmm.  I decided that if I at least had my concept, then I could make minor adjustments along the way.

My concept was a simple one.  I have been associated with a number of contact centres (or call centres) throughout my career.  They are unique workplaces but there is this buzz and energy that you just don’t see in other industries.  My idea was to create a digital story around why people do (and should) work in a contact centre.

Digital Story PicI finalised my storyboard with lots of pictures and ideas, then grabbed my trusty camera to commence the interview process.  I started out by interviewing a number of people and I realised how much passion they have to share their own stories.  I knew this was going to be a fun piece of work.

I used only an Olympus EP-Pen for filming and audio.  I chose quiet locations to get a good sound quality and a tripod substitute to ensure the camera was balanced (and no shakiness).  Interestingly, I managed to rooms that had a different colour feature wall and I think this worked out well in the composition.

I spoke to the managers of the contact centres who offered up some people who would make good “volunteers”.  I had a series of questions and asked all interviewees the same set.

Then it came time for production.

iMovie was my software choice.  A simple setup that was very user-friendly and easy to follow.  Arranging the video was the fun part, yet I didn’t realise how long this actually takes.  I reckon it was a good 14 hours plus just to create a 90 second video.

Garageband was my music composition choice and it was again very simple and easy to use.  Best of all, no copyright issues.

Although I chose to create, edit and produce the digital story by myself, I think this was a fantastic opportunity to really understand the WHAT and HOW behind up to production.  And gee there is more to it than I thought.

Check out my final production below.

Social media plays a large role in sharing digital stories.  To ensure I get my story out there, I have posted to a number of platforms.  Here are some of the links:

I do still enjoy the traditional “word-of-mouth” method and the link has also been sent to my professional contacts.

Please enjoy for a simple take on the pros of contact centre work.  I do appreciate just how difficult this job can be but wanted to share the fun side.



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